About I Unblock Youtube

If you try to connect from your school network, your workplace or from a country like Pakistan, Turkey or China that blocks YouTube, you are probably denied to connect to this great video sharing website.
Sure you have already asked the following question: “how can I unblock YouTube?” you can be happy you have found the best solution.
Our service gives you the possibility to unblock YouTube in just one click, you should just indicate the url of the video which you want to visualise and click on go, to have the video unblocked with the same quality, when reading it from the original website.
This service is 100% without paying anything, without popups and completely anonymous. Using I unblock YouTube you don’t need to install any software, everything you need is on our performants servers.

Unblock YouTube:

The method is very simple, in a normal case, if you try connecting to YouTube, you are blocked by your network rules, which doesn't allow the connection to the ip of YouTube, so the solution is to connect to a YouTube unblocker, the ip of this website isn’t blocked by your network administrator, and through this proxy website you can visualise YouTube.

unblock youtube

Unblock websites:

With I unblock YouTube, you can also unblock other video sharing websites like dailymotion, or any other website like Facebook.

Countries who blocks youtube :

To Leave a so powerful and well known solution of sharing like Youtube, available in some countries isn't always a good thing for power holders, given the multiple options that this tool provides, it greatly facilitates the information sharing as a video. For that reason several countries in the world has already blocked YouTube, these countries are:
- China
- Iran
- Vietnam
- North Korea
- Eritrea
- Pakistan
This last has blocked access to youtube since September 2012. But lot of internet users from Pakistan can unblock YouTube by using our service.